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The dollhouse is clean and discreet, the extremely fair madame is kind and polite, the furnishings cater for all needs, so the space is maximally recommended for the experimental, the silicone manic, the loyal, the hard-to-open, those who don’t like unnecessary chatter, or for those who want to try something they don’t dare do with a living girl.

I spent a pleasant half an hour with Kira Doll.
Obviously, a relationship with a flesh-and-blood woman can be a different but you can have a pleasant program with a sex doll as well.
As an alternative, a sexdoll can be a solution for ones needs.

I was able to fulfill all my sexual desires. The female student’s imagination, which really highlighted her shapely butt and very shapely legs, I am really happy, I’d go back if I had the chance again.
I traveled almost 170 km for the experience and I didn’t regret it! It was an unforgettable experience.

Anyone who already knows what to expect, I always like to try out shapely new babies. Its not easy to “fold” them, but you do what you want, you don’t whine, you don’t get carried away.


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