DollHouse Salon

We are waiting for you with our amazing Dolls in the XIII. District.

More of the Salon

DollHouse Salon

If you want to relax or are just looking for a little adventure, this is the place for you! Book an appointment in our exclusive salon in Budapest.

If you visit our place you will find that our daughters are a little different than the others. They are sex dolls, beautiful, sexy, have a perfect body and are just waiting for you.

The time you spend with them is all about you. In a luxurious environment, in the company of a wonderful baby, you can indulge in demanding sexual pleasure.

Our babies look like a real woman until they speak up. Which man wouldn’t want to spend time with a wonderful-looking girl? With us, you can fully this desire. Bring up your partner and try it together! Experience and relaxation are guaranteed.

Of course, we accept with complete discretion. Our exclusive rooms are intimate, sophisticated and brilliantly clean. We pay attention to quality, high standards and the comfort of our guests. A pleasant environment and solid elegance are guaranteed to welcome our visitors.

Our services and prices

1 Doll to use costs:

  • 30 minutes 10.000,- HUF (30 EUR)
  • 60 minutes 15.000,- HUF (50 EUR)
  • 90 minutes 20.000,- HUF (70 EUR)
  • 120 minutes 25.000,- HUF (80 EUR)

2 Dolls to use costs:

  • 60 minutes 30.000,- HUF (100 EUR)
  • 90 minutes 40.000,- HUF (140 EUR)
  • 120 minutes 50.000,- HUF (160 EUR)

Other information

Our prices includes the condom, lubricant, refreshing and other cleaning equipments. 

We dress the babies as the guest requests. If there is no specific idea, they will wear a sexy set of our choice.

Their wigs can be changed as desired.

Both rooms are air conditioned and have Smart TV.

The babies and the environment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each guest.

We also undertake silicone doll repairs

Contact us if you were interested:  click for our contact details


the sexiest blondie

Olívia - the sexiest blondie

You can practice all forms of oral, anal, vaginal, and breast sex with Olivia! Premium quality sex doll, only a call what separates you from her! Call, make an appointment and give it a try! Click on the magnifying glass in the picture to see Olívia’s pictures!


the afro beauty

Dorothy - the afro beauty

Dorothy, the Afro specialty can’t wait to meet you. She scorches the mood with her sexy kitten eyes and shapely tits. It can be used for anal, oral, vaginal sex.


with huge tits

Deniz - with huge tits

Deniz is a baby with huge breasts and full shapes. You can try a lot of poses with her, you can also use her breasts. You can practice oral, anal, vaginal, and all forms of sex with her.


our newest Doll

Ingrid - our newest Doll

Ingrid is our newest baby in the salon, with unique features. She has huge blond hair waiting for you in the Dollhouse! It can be used for anal, oral, vaginal sex.



the special SexRobot

Emma - the special SexRobot

She is the most special sex robot in the selection. Able to communicate in English and move his head on his own. It is also capable of facial expressions, so it almost completely gives the impression of a real woman. She has sexy red lips, but because of that extra feature, she can’t have sex with her. Of course, there is still the possibility of vaginal, anal, and breast sex.